let me


I used to be able to say everything online. Everything as in EVERYTHING, regardless what other people think... with no fear of consequences whatsoever. What happened? Don't ask. All I know is that I definitely missed those days. Oh yes. And from now on, I'm gonna bring those 'days' back.

Do we know each other in real life? Have we met several times? Do YOU know the people I know? Do I know the people YOU know? Have we engaged in a face-to-face conversation that lasted longer than 30 minutes? If the answer is yes then I probably WON'T add you on this friends-only journal. I need a private space where I can vent without the fear of cunts taking my shit out of context and/or twisting & manipulating my crap to be used against me... that's right... away from 400,000 (four hundred thousand) readers. Away from that wretched "dot com" website.

Don't you think it's so much easier to get intimate with someone you barely know, in the dark, air of mystery and all that crap, than someone you already know, in broad daylight?

Want to read my journal? Post a comment. Give me a quick snapshot as to who you are. Tell me your first name. How you heard of me. How you found this journal. Where in the world you're from. I check IP addresses religiously so don't even bother lying. The farther you are from my hometown, the higher the chances of winning. JK.